8th Workshop on “5G – Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge” (5G-PINE 2023)

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The general objectives of the Workshop inter-alia are to:

  • Set-up and expand a knowledge exchange between legal entities-market actors and the research community regarding recent developments and future plans for use cases, test beds and other initiatives within the scope of an 5G Internet-based modern society.
  • Assess, analyze and discuss several issues that have been addressed by research and development activities, in a variety of 5G-based thematic areas. This may take into account progress, experiences, results and/or any measures that have been applied -or are to be applied- under specific R&D contexts as well in order to promote the inclusion of 5G in specific scenaria.
  • Discuss business trends (including business process improvements and industrial applications), regulatory challenges and societal contexts (for example social and environmental applications) rising from existing applied initiatives or specific projects in the framework of 5G development.
  • Assess the development of smart, open experimental platforms for the enhancement of quality-of-experience in urban living in terms of involvement of citizens, inclusion, sustainable lifestyles, living environment, home/spaces, entertainment etc. The emerging requirements of smart sustainable cities and of related industrial applications in addition to ICT support for innovation, jobs and growing of businesses are to be addressed as well.
  • Investigate fusion and merging of Internet of Things with Internet of People, forming a 5G-based Future Internet ecosystem.
  • Examine potential applications of shared knowledge and intelligence into the Future Internet ecosystem.
  • Experiment paradigms of on facilities hosted by 5G EU projects.
  • Stimulate discussion on pervasive 5G Future Internet networks and especially in evaluating the current status and identifying ongoing attempts and future directions.
  • Support the deployment of interoperable infrastructures exploiting new trends on 5G Future Internet and open data for the creation of context-aware services and applications of relevance to citizens in various areas (such as, for example, directing and informing large crowds, emergency and crisis management, smart mobility, energy efficiency, etc.).