5G ESSENCE’s successful demo of Use Case 1

The 5G ESSENCE project has successfully demonstrated the first use case (“5G Edge Network Acceleration with local video production and distribution in a Stadium”) at the Egaleo Municipal Football Stadium “Stavros Mavrothalasitis”, in Egaleo-Athens, Greece, on October 02, 2019. Figure 1 depicts the relevant invitation in Greek. 


Figure 1: Invitation of the event edited by MoE


In the scope of the demo, two football teams had a typical 90 min. match and, through the 360° cameras, this event has been broadcasted to the eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast / Multicast Services) enabled UEs (User Equipment) of the involved spectators. A significant number of viewers have attended the game. Among them, two members of the Greek Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, the current Mayor of the Municipality of Egaleo (MoE) and two former mayors.


In this scope, the 5G ESSENCE has demonstrated a combined 5G-based video production and video distribution towards delivering benefits to both media producers and mobile operators, being able to offer enriched event experience to their subscribers. The production/distribution of locally generated content through the 5G ESSENCE platform, coupled with value-added services and rich user context can enable secure, high-quality and resilient transmission, in real-time and with minimal latency.


This use case demonstrates a typical MEC configuration that keeps traffic as close as possible to the end-users, allowing them to consume digital media with high quality and low latency.  Supported services are listed as follows: (i) Multicast Video Delivery in multi/single view; (ii) User Equipment (UE) View Switching during the video delivery; (iii) Video Delivery with handover, and; (iv) Unicast vs. Multicast Video Delivery.


The figure below shows snapshots of the event.

Figure 2: Snapshots from 5G ESSENCE’s successful demo of Use Case 1

It is worth mentioning that the results of 5G-ESSENCE have been demonstrated to the Government and the Local Authorities and a fruitful discussion with them about the perspectives and opportunities of 5G has taken place.