5G ESSENCE’s successful preliminary demo of Use Case 1

On July 11th, 2019, the 5G ESSENCE project demonstrated the first use case (“5G Edge Network Acceleration at Stadium”) at the Egaleo municipal football stadium “Stavros Mavrothalasitis”, which is located at the centre of Egaleo town in the wider Attica area, and it is an open stadium with capacity of about 8.000 spectators.

The 5G ESSENCE demonstrated a combined 5G-based video production and video distribution towards delivering benefits to both media producers and mobile operators, who may be able to offer enriched event experience to their subscribers. The scenario provided the logic for distributing the live video feeds received from the local production room to local spectators in a highly efficient manner. The production/distribution of locally generated content through the 5G ESSENCE platform, coupled with value-added services and rich user context, have both enabled secure, high-quality and resilient transmission in real-time, thus ensuring minimal latency: the demonstration at Egaleo stadium successfully demonstrated and validated the proposed solution and ensures the coverage of the above mentioned service performances.

Figure 1: 5G Edge Network Acceleration at Stadium


The selected facility (Figure 1) was covered with a cluster of eMBMS enabled CESCs and, together with the Main DC, it could potentially be connected to the core network of one -or more- involved telecom operators. The video content from cameras was sent for processing locally at the Edge (similar to the proposed use case by ETSI MEC). Then, the video streams were broadcasted locally, by using the 3GPP eMBMS functionality. Spectators were able to dynamically select among different offered broadcast streams. In this scenario, as well as in similar “big event” scenarios, massive data traffic do not affect nor overload the backhaul connection as sets of data are produced, processed and consumed just locally (i.e.: a 5G MEC scenario, aligned to the 5G 3GPP specifications).

The following figure depicts the demonstration performed at the stadium and the involved equipment.

Figure 2: Preliminary demo of Use Case 1 at the Egaleo stadium (July 11, 2019)