Athens Innovation Forum

The Greek-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce with the support of the German Embassy in Athens, Greece, have organised on November 17-18, 2019, the Innovation Forum 2019 (“Innovation as a Promoter for Development and Growth”).

The 2-days event took place at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

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The Forum has acted as a “platform” for the promotion of both technology and innovation of high quality for Greek and German enterprises. The essential aim has been to present successful examples from both countries in a variety of sectors such as “Energy-Mobility”, “Health” and “IT-Telecommunications”, by emphasizing upon innovative features. In the scope of the dedicated sessions there has been effort, by the organisers, for the interactive exchange of ideas and experiences between all participating market actors, especially with developers of applications. In addition, there have also been demonstrations of recent technological applications in dedicated booths, together with collaborative discussion aiming for the support and the development of synergies between market players coming from both countries. Many participants have joined the event with distinctive representatives from both market and the academia (emphasizing, among others, upon research, sciences and economy). Furthermore, State representatives FROM Greece and Germany have joined the event and supported intended cooperation.


The OTE Group of Companies, being also an active member of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group of Companies have also joined the event with a dedicated Special Session for the promotion of 5G. In this specific scope, the OTE Group presented twelves dedicated presentations about active involvement in 5G-PPP/H2020 EU-funded projects, covering activities of phases 2 and 3.


A variety of ongoing projects have presented results about 5G-related aspects, focusing upon related architectures and dedicated uses case and, most importantly, offering the possibility to the involved participants to assess these innovative actions “as a whole”.

More specifically the presentations have provided results and information coming from the projects: 5G ESSENCE, 5G-PHOS and MATILDA (5G-PPP phase-w projects); 5G-EVE, 5GENESIS, 5G-TOURS, 5G-HEART, 5G-VICTORI, 5G-MOBIX, 5G-DRIVE (5G-PPP phase-3 projects), and; MOTOR5G (MCSA project).

The discussion with the audience and the participating experts has been interactive and has also provided the opportunity for identifying trends, challenges and applied solutions towards implementing 5G infrastructures and services.


Figure 1, below, provides an overview of the titles of the performed 12 presentations.

Figure 1: Overview of OTE Group presentations in the 5G-dedicated Session of the Innovation Forum 2019

In the scope of the 5G ESSENCE project, Dr. Ioannis P. Chochliouros, project coordinator, has presented the scope of the work as well as recent innovations and results.


The next figure (Figure 2) provides an overview of the related agenda.


Figure 2: Overview of the Agenda of the Innovation Forum 2019