Defender Project Workshop

The 5G ESSENCE Partner Wind TRE S.p.A. (WI3) has been invited to “join” an event which was organized on November 20-23, 2018, in Rome, Italy, by the H2020 project Defender[1] - focusing on novel concepts for Critical Energy Infrastructures’ security lifecycle assessment, based on protective and lifecycle Closed Control Loops. 

WI3 has so presented a focus upon the 5G ESSENCE project recent findings and progress, where WI3 is involved. The event’s presentations were in Italian and, in particular, WI3 introduced the ongoing -by that time- use cases and the 5G ESSENCE architecture, with possible synergies among the wider 5G-PPP context. The 5G ESSENCE has been assessed for the management of “mission critical events”, falling within a project’s dedicated use case.

The above event has been joined by representatives from the Italian Data Protection Authority, critical infrastructures, telcos, industry partners, research centres, public institutions. A fruitful discussion about the relationship between critical infrastructures, data protection, human factors in security and the new 5G technology has taken place.

The following figure depicts the first page of the 5G ESSENCE presentation:

[1]     For more details see: