EuCNC 2018 International Conference - Booth

The 5G ESSENCE has planned to have demonstrations of a few components during the EuCNC 2018 International Conference and Exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia on June 18-22, 2018. More details can be found at:

Related informative material can also be found in the EuCNC 2018 event, as also depicted in the following Figure 1:


Figure 1: 5G ESSENCE – Booth at EuCNC 2018.



Besides industrial demo: “Modular virtualisation framework for management and support of PNFs and VNFs in the context of vRAN 5G Small Cell Protocols” has been done. Material can be found at:


OTE, in cooperation with ITL and ATHONET, CASA, NCSRD and WI3 have provided a Booth (“5G ESSENCE”) during the EuCNC 2018 International Conference and Exhibition, hosting two demo videos as discussed below:


EuCNC 2018 - Demo 1:

Title: Enhanced Video Services at the Edge DC”.

Partners involved: ITL, ATH, CASA.

Description: To present the most important improvement for this kind of service using the 5G ESSENCE platform, ITL,  in collaboration with partners ATH and CASA, showed a demo related to 5G ESSENCE, in which they demonstrated the advantages of the MEC approach in NFV environment, accessing a proprietary Video Service VNF running in the Mobile Edge Platform through an End-User App. Taking advantage of localization services, some contextual contents were provided to the End-User, which could experiment a superior Quality of Experience  respect to a traditional approach involving the core network.



Figure 2: 5G ESSENCE Poster 1 @ EuCNC 2018.

Figure 3: 5G ESSENCE Demo 1 @ EuCNC 2018.


EuCNC 2018 - Demo 2:

Title: Data Traffic characterization and Multitenancy at the Network Edge”.

Partners involved: NCSRD.

Description: 5G ESSENCE offers content providers cloud computing capabilities at the edge of the mobile network. It is characterized by low latency and high bandwidth, and provides real-time radio network information to applications that can run in this environment. During the exhibition, 5G ESSENCE will focus on two main aspects of the project: the multitenancy in the 5G Cloud Enabled Small Cells (CESCs) and the progresses done in providing the two tier cloud computing services at the edge of the network. In order to demonstrate both aspects, connectivity will be offered to two network operators, while edge cloud computing capabilities will be demonstrated through the deployment of selected VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) for each of the two Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

In standard MOCN (Multi Operator Core Network), each participating network operator shares the RAN (Radio Access Network) of the host network operator on a “first-come, first-served” basis and it is possible for one operator to consume more than their fair share of resources to the detriment of the other operators.

5G ESSENCE addresses this issue by managing inter-tenant traffic / SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring.

IP traffic between the SC VNF and the VSCNO’s (Virtual Small Cell Network Operator) EPC (Evolved Packet Core) can be completely isolated from that of other VSCNO’s as it is presented on a dedicated interface. Backhaul congestion caused by one VSCNO need not impact the others. The CPU resources (both RAM and processor) consumed by each SC VNF have no impact on the other SC VNFs hosted by the CESC as they run in separate virtual machines. In addition, it is possible to dimension resources available to each SC VNF according to the size of VSCNO’s network slice. Figure 4, as illustrated below, depicts the intended scope.



Figure 4: 5G ESSENCE Demo 2 @ EuCNC 2018.