Informative Workshop - ICT Technologies in the Horizon 2020 Framework

The Hellenic National Documentation Centre (EKT) has organised an Informative Workshop about ICT Technologies in the Horizon 2020 Framework, that took place in Athens, Greece, on February 27, 2018.

Among the invited speakers has been Dr. Ioannis Chochliouros, from the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (OTE), also Project Coordinator of the actual “5G ESSENCE” EU-funded project of 5G-PPP phase 2.

During the evaluation by the Commission’s experts, the 5G ESSENCE project has been ranked as the “first accepted project” in its category and has received the “absolute” highest mark of 15/15!

Thus, Dr. Chochliouros had the opportunity not only to present fundamental aspects coming from the innovative 5G ESSENCE scope but also to discuss perspective for “Successful proposal submission in EU-funded Calls, together with practical guidance and expertise coming from involvement in actual European research projects”.


Both the presentation and the related video can be found at:


There has been an interactive discussion with the participating audience, mainly about the innovative scope promoted by the 5G ESSENCE context as well as about the applied project management context of the entire 5G ESSENCE framework that has been led to the highest ranking by the Commission.

Dr. Chochliouros has discussed and assessed the 5G ESSENCE core innovative framework, together with the project’s proper management structure.