Milano Digital Week 2019

“Milano Digital Week 2019” is a very important opportunity in the Italian scenario about “Public Administration, Industries and Academia” discussed with citizen and illustrating innovative processes. In the 2nd actual edition of the event, Wind Tre S.p.A. (partner of the 5G ESSENCE project) has organized a conference dedicated to the 5G, in Milan, Italy, on March 15, 2019.

The presented session “Road To 5G“ has been an option to discuss the vision, the opportunities and the status of the different experimentations taking place in Italy as well as in cooperation with European partners (i.e., within the H2020 framework); in particular, the new services development (like 5G applications for security), different possible actors in the ecosystem and the potentialities for services in smart cities have been explored.

Within the respective context, specific emphasis has been provided to results originating from the actual 5G ESSENCE effort. During the event, the Mission Critical (MC) services for public safety (including mission critical push-to-talk as (MCPTT) well as mission critical chat and content delivery services) have been presented. Besides of the architecture adopted for the creation of the related solution(s) and the capability to cope with the edge network, cooperative aspects among different stakeholders have also been discussed, aiming to deliver useful solutions for smart cities and smart communities.

Wind Tre S.p.A. has disseminated the advantage of using 5G ESSENCE- based results in many market sectors -or verticals- such as Entertainment, Smart city, Public Safety/Mission Critical contexts.