Telco AI Summit Europe 2019

Telco AI Summit Europe is an event with international recognition that annually brings together top experts and a high-quality executive audience to discuss and showcase use cases of AI, analytics and automation. The 2019 Event has been hosted in London, UK, on November 05-06, 2019, and has provided a remarkable number of sessions presenting and assessing a variety of both challenges and solutions for up-to-date technological development.

The participation of actors coming from various domains/sectors of the market (including manufacturers and equipment vendors, major network operators, service and application providers, software developers, policy makers, and many more) has been remarkable as the Telco AI Summit Europe 2019 has gathered more than 300 participants, representing more than 120 European and international companies.

The proposed agenda has been structured so that in the two full day event to include more than 60 distinguished speakers representing companies and/or organizations from the global market. Moreover, interactive sessions and discussion have been performed, providing the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge upon the proposed presentations.


OTE has been invited to join via Dr. Ioannis Chochliouros, Head of Fixed Network R&D Programs Section - Coordinator of the 5G ESSENCE project, and to present a tutorial entitled as: “Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge via NFV, Cloud Computing and Cognitive Features: The Transition from SESAME to the 5G ESSENCE Context”.

The presentation has explained and analysed the main innovative context and solutions originally assessed and proposed by the scope of the 5G-PPP (phase-1) “SESAME” project that have further been re-assessed, extended, developed and tested-validated  by the ongoing 5G-PPP (phase-2) “5G ESSENCE” project, focusing on well-defined verticals.

The presentation has attracted more than 100 participants and has collected very charmed and positive feedback by the audience. Moreover, based on the interactive discussion with the participants, some further communications have also taken place with the aim of further disseminating the detailed aspects of the 5G ESSENCE progress.