5G ESSENCE at the 19th Infocom World Conference 2017
Monday, October 30, 2017

The latest 19th Infocom World 2017 Conference that has been held in Athens, Greece, on October 25, 2017, (http://www.infocomworld.gr/) has been considered as “the greatest ICT & Media Conference in South-Eastern Europe” and it is widely regarded as “the major annual meeting of all the digital market stakeholders in order to implement Digital Transformation, following to current market needs and/or challenges.


The (global/European) telecoms market has actually entered a restructure era as of its technological, investment and strategic orientation. New challenges such as the “5G” creative a purely novel “scenery” and implicate for multiple opportunities for the involved market players, at all levels. Infocom World 2017 has thus focused upon several modern challenges that could support the process towards restructuring the modern economy for the benefit of the society, via promoting digital innovation and growth. Among these have been the option of using “Fiber to the Home towards creating the Gigabit Era”, as well as the “The Way Towards the 5G”, the “Digital Transformation” and “The Creation of Modern Interactive TV Platforms”.   


Infocom World is assessed as the major annual industrial telecommunications conference in Greece and in the wider Balkan area and attracts the interest of all involved market “actors”. During the recent years and as a result of the “globalization” of the e-Communications market, the Conference has also attracted a broader interest. It is also supported by major telecommunications players (such as network operators, service and application providers, equipment manufacturers, etc.), international bodies, National (Regulatory) Authorities, etc. More than 3.500 participants have joined the full Infocom World 2017 Event.


OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.), in the scope of the prescribed WP8-related context of the “SESAME” (GA No.671596) and “5G ESSENCE” (GA No.761592) Project effort under his duty as the Project Coordinator in both these projects, and also working in cooperation with the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRD) and the ORION Innovations P.C. (ORION) has organized a major dedicated dissemination event, that is: “Small Cells in 5G Modern Era (The cases of “SESAME” and “5G ESSENCE” European projects)” Session of the 19th Infocom 2017 Conference.


There was also the “Privacy Flag”-based Session (“Privacy Mechanisms to support evolution of Modern technologies”) (i.e., the “Privacy Flag” Project (GA No.653426)) where OTE also participates as project coordinator, in order to correlate, to the extent possible and where potentially relevant, “SESAME” , “5G ESSENCE” and “Privacy Flag” efforts.


In addition, the “Privacy Flag”-based Session has also been joined by the “OPERANDO” project (“Privacy Flag” and “OPERANDO” belong in the same thematic category of EU-funding activities). This was an additional opportunity for both projects to further “enhance” their interactivity in the framework of cooperation they have both initiated since previous phases of their activities.


Finally, there was a third session about modern technologies and with specific emphasis upon the wider 5G-related aspects. There has been major representation of other actual 5G-PPP projects of both phase 1 and phase 2 (such as: “BlueSpace”, “5G-MEDIA”, “SLICENET”, “5G-PHOS”, “5G-PICTURE”, “MATILDA”, “CHARISMA”, “COHERENT”) as well as participation of other H2020 EU-funded projects (such as: “VICINITY”, “SmarterEMC2”, “CREDENTIAL” and “Cloud Perfect”).

Several other research-based activities have also been presented.


In the context of the three above sessions, there have been many opportunities for interactivity and exchange of information and /or experiences between all involved EU-funded projects.


The following figure presents the Infocom World Conference 2017 poster announcement as well, as the agenda of the “SESAME” and “5G ESSENCE” dedicated Session.

Figure 1: Infocom World 2017 and “SESAME” and “5G ESSENCE” Session


General information about SESAME and 5G ESSENCE in Greek can be found online at:



Detailed information about the SESAME and 5G ESSENCE Session’s uploaded presentations (as also depicted in Figure 2) can be found at:



Several presentations have also been registered as “live” videos as well.



Figure 2: “SESAME” and “5G ESSENCE”-based Session’s Agenda and Full Program


The presentations have been performed quite successfully and have attracted a numerous audience of telecoms experts coming from various areas of the telecoms market as well as of the academia.

The framework was fully interactive, while several issues and a variety of innovative features coming from the SESAME and 5G ESSENCE projects have been discussed and further analysed. Potential advantages and impact rising for the SESAME and 5G ESSENCE scope have also been identified and assessed.

The collected feedback is to be taken into account for future actions relevant to both SESAME and 5G ESSENCE projects.

The following figures (Figure 3 and 4) “depict” an overview of the first page of the SESAME and 5G ESSENCE respective presentations, per presenter (all detailed presentation are accessible in the official Conference’s website, as identified above).