Towards pursuing the project’s goals, the following main measurable objectives have been identified:

Objective #1: To specify the critical architectural enhancements from 5G-PPP Phase-1 that are needed to fully enable cloud-integrated multi-tenant small cell networking.

Objective #2: To define the baseline system architecture and interfaces for the provisioning of a cloud-integrated multi-tenant small cell network and a programmable RRM controller, both customisable on a per vertical basis.

Objective #3: To develop the centralised SD-RAN controller that will program the radio resources usage in a unified way for all CESCs.

Objective #4: To exploit high-performance and efficient virtualisation techniques for better resource utilisation, higher throughput and less delay at Network Services creation time.

Objective #5: To develop the orchestrator enhancements for distributed service management.

Objective #6: To demonstrate and evaluate the cloud-integrated multi-tenant small cell network via three real-life vertical industries.

Objective #7: To conduct a market analysis and to establish new business models. Detailed techno-economic analysis and roadmapping towards exploitation and commercialisation by industrial partners is also a priority.

Objective #8: To ensure maximisation of 5G ESSENCE impact to the realisation of the 5G vision by establishing close liaison and synergies with 5G-PPP Phase-1 & 2 projects and the Association. To pursue extensive dissemination and communication activities, as well to assess the perceived impact from the stakeholders and the wider community.