Eight Bells Ltd. specialises in modelling and techno-economic studies for businesses, as well as in selected parts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Eight Bells Ltd. takes into account fundamental financial aspects, as well as qualitative and technical components so as to provide clear insights of the economic framework related to novel technologies and the respective market domains. Additionally, Eight Bells Ltd. provides forecasts to support decision makers by translating business data into applied models.

The objectives of Eight Bells Ltd. can be summarised as follows:

1. Consulting and analysis regarding techno-economic aspects of ICT services, demand and price forecasting of telecommunications products and services, and risk management in telecom investment.

2. Provision of advisory services for the development of bottom-up and top-down models for telecommunication networks for regulators, government agencies, telecommunications providers, and associations.

3. Research on business models and techno-economics methodologies.

4. Development, operation, commercialisation and support of specialised software tools and components for the above purposes.