Municipality of Egaleo

The Municipality of Egaleo is situated at the west region of the urban planning complex of Athens and has been built at both sides of the ancient “Holly Road” (Iera Odos). The official records of the 2011 census estimate a population of 69,946 inhabitants. However, it is estimated that the city is inhabited by approximately 120,000 people and the average neat density is 225 inhabitants/hectare.

Municipality funds organise and develop a remarkable course of actions in the fields of culture and sports, as well as on issues of social policy. Part of these actions is confirmed by the existence and the functioning of the Municipal Theatre, the Intellectual Centre, the Art Lab and many other athletic facilities. The sensitivity towards social problems turns into action in the Geriatric Homes, the Counselling Centre and the Municipal Day Nurseries. The huge grove “Baroutadiko” including leisure and sports facilities stands in the middle of the city, while the municipal mansion is situated at Iera Odos. Undoubtedly, Egaleo is a city with a historical route. In the threshold of the 21st Century, it is opting for the balance amongst humans, society, culture and nature. The identity of municipality of Egaleo refers to the city that actually functions as the “capital” at a level of geographical unity. Being an administrative and commercial centre, the focal point of the West Attica, Egaleo constitutes the primary service centre and pole of attraction for the citizens of other municipalities due to its functionality. Egaleo covers a total area of 650 hectares of which 538 hectares constitute its legalised tract. Its non-legalised tract of 112 hectares belongs to the area of “Elaionas” the biggest part of which is covered by huge industrial and small-scale businesses.