NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

NEC Corporation produces tailored solutions for the core technologies and services required in a networked world, ranging from advanced semiconductor solutions, to large-scale mission-critical systems, systems integration, and broadband and mobile technologies. The NEC group employs more than 100,000 people with a multi-billion dollar sales volume worldwide. Today, NEC has 19 affiliated companies in Europe alone. The research unit of NEC Europe Ltd. which is wholly owned by NEC Corporation, will be involved in the project: NEC Laboratories Europe (NECLE). The NEC Laboratories Europe focus on software-oriented research and development targeted to meet NEC's European customers market needs putting particular emphasis on R&D required for the convergence of IT and communications, including big data processing and analytics technologies. A strong focus is also placed on contributions to relevant standardisation forums, namely IETF and 3GPP.

(Start date January 01, 2018)